21/6 Là Sinh Nhật Của Ai Trong Conan


Every year the Detective Conan series brings us an exciting theatrical release that excites the audience with various trials. With already over đôi mươi different movies released, if you start watching from the first movie, let’s just say it’ll take some time lớn get through them all. With that being said, we will be announcing the results of the “Detective sầu Conan - Male Character Popularity Investigation (6825 Total Votes)” & will go over the different movie releases that feature those characters! Find out exactly where your favorite Conan characters get to be in the spotlight. To begin, we will go over the characters that ranked from 6th to lớn 4th place.quý khách hàng đang xem: 21/6 là sinch nhật của người nào trong conan

6th Place: Conan Edogawa (415 Votes)



Any average viewer could tell you that the main character of “Detective sầu Conan” is none other than our boy Conan Edogawa himself. Anyone familiar with the series knows his true identity: high school detective Shinichi Kubởi vì, whose body was shrunk baông chồng inlớn a child’s form size when forced to take some form of medicine when he was caught by the villains of the story, The Black Organization. Conan in the current scenario is a first-grader in elementary school. The story progresses at a very peculiar rate of time, so to think he’s been a first grader for over trăng tròn years really gives you the perspective sầu of how shocking this growth stunt really is. 

Having said that, the movie that we would recommover people lớn kiểm tra out is the very first Conan movie that debuted bachồng in 1997 - “Detective Conan: The Time Bombed Skyscraper.” You can really feel the passage of time as Conan’s own character thiết kế has changed over the years. Looking at the original work in manga khung and the first anime season of Detective sầu Conan, you can see that the contours of Conan’s face were much rounder & his ears were drawn much larger before. With this being his first movie, that kiến thiết was brought over khổng lồ the theatrical release.

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5th Place: Shinibỏ ra Kubởi vì (443 Votes)



The movie we recommkết thúc for fans of Shinichi Kuvị himself is the movie released in 2003, the 7th Detective Conan movie - “Detective sầu Conan: Crossroad in the Ancient Capital.” This feature film has Shinichi Kuvì chưng playing a major role, being featured prominently. At the time it was a big surprise and a huge topic of discussion, và this is definitely the one movie that Shinibỏ ra fans would consider as a must-watch.

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4th Place: Heiji Hattori (696 Votes)

Heiji Hattori, the great high school detective sầu of the west & Conan’s rival & a good frikết thúc. With his ability khổng lồ come khổng lồ the conclusion that Conan’s true form is Shiniđưa ra Kubởi vì on his own, he has a svào và true... bromantic (?) relationship with Shinichi. With that in mind, Conan and Heiji are a tag team that work together quite often, with various situations calling for their excellent coordination between each other. 

Heiji, while not really featured often in the original work, is featured a lot in the movies with his extravagant motorxe đạp action scenes. The 1999 film và the 3rd movie “Detective Conan: The Last Wizard of the Century” was the first Conan movie to lớn feature Heiji. He is greatly part of the first half of the movie, working together with Conan lớn chase after the famous Phantom Thief Kid.

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We also have sầu another movie starring Heiji with his childhood friend Kazuha in the 21st Conan movie - “Detective sầu Conan: Crimson Love Letter” released in 2017. The climax of this film had Heiji showing off his awesome driving technique. Conan’s high-tốc độ action scenes are shown off with his skateboard, while Heiji’s fast-paced scenes are shown off with his motorcycle action. There is something lớn be said about the charm of action scenes that can only be conveyed through great animation.

Which position did your favorite character rank? Which characters will take the 3rd through 1st places? Find out with our next part!

Original Article:Detective sầu Conan Popularity Poll Results! Who Will Take First Place? Announcing the Rankings and Trivia

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