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Having diarrhea makes the toàn thân feel uncomfortable. Having a burning sensation or pain in the anus during bowel movements makes the problem worse. Read on to know what might be causing your burning diarrhea, how to lớn treat it at home, and when to hotline your doctor for further testing.
There are many causes of diarrhea. See your doctor for an exam and check-up whenever you notice a difference in your bowel habits. However, many of the most common causes can often be treated at home. Eat spicy foods If this is the first time you notice diarrhea, think about what you have eaten recently. Spicy foods such as chili peppers contain capsaicin. This naturally occurring compound is like the ones you find in pepper spray, mace, & topical pain relievers. It burns on contact. Eating a lot of chili peppers or spicy foods can cause a number of symptoms, including diarrhea. Hemorrhoids Did you know that sometimes constipation và diarrhea can go hand in hand? That"s right. Over time, constipation và other conditions can cause hemorrhoids, i.e. The veins in your anus or rectum become inflamed which irritates these veins which can make you feel burning và painful. When defecating. Irritable Bowel Syndrome Severe diarrhea associated with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) can also cause discomfort và burning. This condition is more common than you think. About one-fifth of Americans have symptoms of IBS, but less than one-fifth of those with symptoms seek medical help for the condition. It"s not clear what causes IBS. Triggers can include anything from certain foods to lớn excessive bao tay to hormonal changes.
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Any additional symptoms you have with burning diarrhea will likely vary depending on the cause. Eating spicy food When eating spicy food can cause: Stomach cramps Nausea Vomiting Diarrhea Hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids occur after straining during bowel movements. They also occur frequently during pregnancy, after childbirth, và whenever other căng thẳng is placed on your anus. You may experience: Painless bleeding with bowel movements Pain, itching around the anus Swelling or a lump near your anus Stool leak Irritable bowel syndrome Symptoms of IBS often vary. This is a chronic condition, so symptoms may come & go in waves. You may experience: Abdominal pain and cramping Bloating Abdominal bloating Diarrhea or constipation or both Mucus stools

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There are many ways you can treat your symptoms at home. In many cases, burning diarrhea is a temporary condition that will respond well to lớn lifestyle changes và over-the-counter treatments. Spicy foods If you suspect that your burning diarrhea is caused by eating spicy foods, try limiting or cutting them out of your diet. You may even want khổng lồ keep a food diary to see which foods cause the most symptoms. Hemorrhoids Mild hemorrhoids can go away on their own with time, provided you stop the risk factors for hemorrhoids. Use over-the-counter (OTC) hemorrhoid creams khổng lồ relieve discomfort, burning, and itching. Soak the anus in warm water or a lying bath for 10 to lớn 15 minutes a few times per day. Use damp paper towels or wet nhà wc paper instead of drying them. Consider over-the-counter pain relievers lượt thích acetaminophen or ibuprofen for temporary pain relief. Any bleeding from the rectum should see a doctor for examination và treatment. Irritable Bowel Syndrome Although IBS is a chronic condition, there are many things you can bởi vì to help treat flare-ups. Adjust your fiber intake. Some people with IBS have a high-fiber diet that helps relieve constipation. Others find that overeating can cause bloating & abdominal cramps. Keep a food diary to lớn see if certain foods cause more diarrhea than others. Exercise regularly và drink plenty of water each day lớn promote healthy bowel habits. Eat small frequent meals if you are experiencing diarrhea. Use caution when taking over-the-counter diarrhea medications. Using these medicines incorrectly can lead lớn other medical problems. Alternatives like: Acupuncture, probiotics, yoga and meditation may help ease your symptoms. If you go to lớn the doctor for chronic IBS, your doctor may give you medication - alosetron or lubiprostone - which can be helpful, of course, when khổng lồ use it, how to lớn use it, your doctor will advise you Friend.
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Remember to hotline your doctor any time you notice a change in your bowel habits. Many causes of diarrhea are temporary & can be treated at home. However, there are some conditions, lượt thích IBS and colon cancer, that require specialized treatment. Go lớn the hospital right away if: Bleeding from your rectum Abdominal pain that gets worse, especially at night Weight loss At your appointment, your doctor will likely ask you about your medical history and description. About any symptoms you are experiencing. Try khổng lồ be as specific as possible. It can even be helpful to write down your concerns before the appointment. Tests may include the following: Rectal exam: During this exam, your doctor inserts a gloved và lubricated finger into your rectum. He"ll feel around for growths, lumps, or anything else that could indicate you need further testing. Visual inspection: Some things, such as internal hemorrhoids, are not easily seen with the naked eye. Your doctor may use a scope, scope, or colonoscope lớn get a better look at your colon. Colonoscopy: Your doctor may want to examine your entire colon using a colonoscope, especially if you are over 50 years old. Conclusion Diarrhea is uncomfortable and can even make you nervous. The good news is that it doesn"t necessarily mean you have a serious condition. If you"re concerned about your bowel habits, hotline your doctor to get checked. You can make an appointment with a gastroenterologist at our health system. If not, monitor the foods you eat, treat hemorrhoids, và find ways lớn minimize any triggers. International General Hospital is one of the hospitals that not only ensures professional chất lượng with a team of doctors, modern equipment and technology, but also stands out for its examination, consulting và service services. Comprehensive & professional medical treatment; civilized, polite, safe & sterile medical examination và treatment space. Department of Endoscopy - Gastroenterology is one of the key specialties at International General Hospital. For timely examination, advice và treatment of digestive diseases, you can contact Health System nationwide or book an appointment on the trang web for service.

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