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Access to hands-on learning, scholarships, and mentorship for students underserved or underrepresented in tech

Access to hands-on learning, scholarships, & mentorship for students underserved or underrepresented in tech



José, Vani, và Olympiah are three AI & ML Scholarship students who are navigating & defining what a career in giải pháp công nghệ can look lượt thích today.

Click lớn learn more about their story và envision your own future in tech with the AI và ML Scholarship.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) Scholarship program, in collaboration with Udacity, aims to lớn help underserved andunderrepresented high school & college students learn foundational ML concepts khổng lồ prepare them for careers in AI và ML.

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Each year, 2,500 scholarships are awarded khổng lồ students seeking khổng lồ learn & apply ML skills. Recipients will receive Udacity Nanodegree scholarships, mentorship, và career development opportunities by opting into the scholarship program DeepRacer Student. DeepRacer Student is a không lấy phí service for students over the age of 16 enrolled in high school and higher education institutions around the globe.

Applicants can access 20 hours of AI và ML content to learn the foundations of reinforcement learning. Apply your learnings with 10 hours of model training and 5 GB of storage per month to compete in the DeepRacer Student League (a global autonomous racing competition exclusively for students).

2,000 students per year will receive scholarships for the Udacity AI Programming with Python Nanodegree program ($4,000 USD value). This four-month collaborative virtual course teaches programming tools & techniques fundamental to lớn machine learning, with technical tư vấn in weekly group sessions.

500 of the vị trí cao nhất performing students in the first Udacity Nanodegree program can earn a second, more advanced Udacity Nanodegree in deep learning and ML engineering concepts.

All students in the program will receive tailored mentoring và career guidance through monthly “Ask Me Anything” seminars with đứng đầu industry experts.

Participants in the advanced program will receive a full year of one-on-one mentorship from an employee who will provide guidance for both coursework và preparing for a career in technology.

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Sign DeepRacer Studentand opt into the AI & ML Scholarship program. There is currently over 20 hours of free content available to start learning today.

Track your progressto complete the application prerequisites while you learn, practice, & participate on DeepRacer Student.

Submit your application on Udacity using a quality code you’ll get once you complete the application prerequisites.

Complete scholarship prerequisites DeepRacer Studentto unlock your quality code and finish your application.

Last day khổng lồ submit your application for the summer cohort. 1,000 students will be selected to receive a scholarship lớn the 2023 summer program.

Q: Who can apply to the AI & ML Scholarship program? Any student over the age of 16 that self identifies as underserved or underrepresented in technology, và is currently enrolled in high school or college, may apply (subject lớn terms & conditions on Udacity).

Q: How bởi vì I prequalify for the AI & ML Scholarship program?

Prequalifying for the scholarship is based on two criteria:

đánh giá coursework & pass assessments. To qualify you must score 80% or better on all required assessments on DeepRacer Student learning modules. Each assessment is based on different chapters you can find in the Learn section in the DeepRacer Student navigation pane. Achieve a minimum lap time. Each month from March khổng lồ September, a new leaderboard is launched in the DeepRacer Student League, featuring a new track design. To qualify for the scholarship, you will need lớn complete a time trial lap in less than 3 minutes on any single leaderboard.

Q:If I prequalify for the AI & ML Scholarship, vị I automatically receive a Udacity Nanodegree scholarship?

No. Students who prequalify for the AI & ML Scholarship are given access khổng lồ the application for the Udacity Nanodegree scholarship. Udacity determines which prequalified students are awarded Udacity Nanodegree scholarships.

Q: How will I know if I have completed all of the prerequisites on DeepRacer Student?

By opting in to the AI và ML Scholarship at DeepRacer Student registration, students have their progress towards completing the prerequisites tracked automatically in the dashboard section of DeepRacer Student. When a student successfully completes all requirements, they will receive an automated e-mail with a quality application code and instructions lớn finish their application on Udacity. At the close of each application period, selected recipients will receive an e-mail from Udacity regarding their enrollment.

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Q: Am I required khổng lồ provide proof of enrollment before being selected for the AI & ML Scholarship? You may be asked lớn provide proof of enrollment (such as a college transcript) to receive the AI và ML Scholarship.