Extremely là gì

A:It means a very high level or a large amount of something, or to lớn a high degree. It takes a situation a step further. "Is that film boring? It"s extremely boring!"
A:It"s a stonger version of very. Like: He fell down very fast.The person falls again, but at double the speed.-> He fell down extremely fast.
A: I hope my answer can help you ^^1) I found his manner extremely unpleasant. 2) She"s extremely competent và industrious. 3) Penicillin was an extremely significant medical discovery. 4) Mosquitoes are extremely abundant in this dark wet place.

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A:I am extremely hungryIt is extremely disappointing to see thisThis is an extremely important questionDo you think it is extremely bad to vày this?
A:Extremely can be used like "very" in sentences, but it means that something is in the extreme.1. It is extremely rude to shout at your parents.2. It is extremely dangerous khổng lồ climb buildings without a safety harness.3. That child was extremely happy when his parents gave him some chocolates.
A:They are very different. Extremely means "very". It is a common adverb lớn use khổng lồ describe situations or person that is an (adjective) to lớn a great degree. I use this word quite often so this is useful.Example: This kiểm tra is so difficult that it made me extremely nervous.Grindingly is rarely use in daily conversations. It is also an adverb. We don"t use adverbs that much in conversations.Example: This kiểm tra is so grindingly dull that I finished it within a hour when it is a two hour paper.

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A:extremely = a lotI"m extremely sweaty.I"m sweating a lot!!excessively = too muchI"m sweating excessively.I"m sweating way too much.
A:I am extremely disappointed in the election results. I desperately hope that its just a bad dream.

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A:extremely = really, very"The test was extremely hard. Everyone failed."desperately is used to lớn show how extreme something is (similar khổng lồ severely)"He hadn"t drank anything for two days & desperately needed water."

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