Fall Into Là Gì


fall in(to)

1. To actually drop or plummet inlớn something. There are a lot of holes out there—be sure not lớn fall inkhổng lồ any.2. To collapse, crumble, or cave in. The firefighters were able to lớn get those kids out of the house before the roof fell in.3. To plop onto lớn or into lớn something. Sarah fell into the passenger seat with a dramatic sigh và proceeded to tell me all about the lachạy thử gossip at school.4. To join a formation, often a military one. Troops, fall in!5. To begin walking at the same pace as someone else. If you don"t fall into step with us, you"ll get left behind.6. To begin khổng lồ participate in something. How did you end up falling inkhổng lồ a lecture with Grandpage authority about the Farmers" Almanac?7. To be able to lớn be easily grouped or categorized in a particular way. The types of arguments that my family has on Thanksgiving fall into two basic categories: food-related and sports-related.8. To become organized in a particular way. There were a lot of missteps along the way, but all of our plans have sầu finally fallen into lớn place.9. To experience a significant, usually unpleasant, change in one"s mood or emotional state. I always fall inkhổng lồ a depressive sầu state during the winter months.10. To experience a significant, usually unpleasant, change in state. The classroom fell inlớn chaos as soon as the teacher stepped inkhổng lồ the hallway.11. To obtain something, typically unexpectedly or with little effort. When my grandfather died, I ended up falling inlớn a lot of money.See also: fall

fall into

1. Enter or engage in, be drawn inlớn, as in I told Dad not to lớn fall inkhổng lồ conversation with them. 2. See fall in, def. 1. 3. Be naturally divisible into, as in These students fall inkhổng lồ three categories. 4. fall into lớn error or sin . Be drawn into bad behavior, as in I fell into error when I started spending time with the wrong crowd. This usage, like fall from grace, originally alluded to religious concerns. It is now used less often and more loosely. 5. fall into lớn a trap. Be deceived, unknowingly become involved in something. For example, By admitting I had không tính tiền time, I fell into lớn the trap of having lớn help hlặng with his work . Also see under fall in; fall in line; fall in place. See also: fall

fall into


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1. To descover or drop freely or effortlessly into lớn something: I was so tired that I went to my bedroom và fell inlớn bed.2. To come to lớn assume a configuration, pattern, or order: The lines of text fell inkhổng lồ neat rows. After a quichồng meeting, our plans fell into lớn place.3. To come upon, receive sầu, or become involved with something, especially by chance: They fell into a lot of money unexpectedly, so they bought a new car.

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4. To undergo a change of state or emotion, especially a negative sầu change: I took one look at my class schedule và fell into a bad mood. The tenants complained when the apartment building fell into lớn disrepair.See also: fallSee also:

fall into

1.come down from a higher place落入The child fell into the lake và had lớn be pulled out.小孩落入湖中,必须把他拉上来。2.flow into流入The river falls into lớn the sea.这条河流入大海。3.form;acquire 养成Don"t let children fall into bad habits.不要让孩子养成坏习惯。4.begin开始He fell into a quarrel with his classmate.他与同学吵了起来。5.be divisible into分成His book falls inkhổng lồ four chapters.他的书分成4章。6.belong to 属于Things of a kind come together,people of a mind fall into the same group.物以类聚,人以群分。7.pass into(a certain state,etc.)进入(某种状态);陷入She was so tired that she fell into a doze in the armchair.她十分疲劳,以致于在扶手椅里睡着了。The company has fallen into extreme difficulties due khổng lồ the economic depression.这家公司由于经济萧条,陷入了困境。

fall inlớn a trap

be tricked, be deceived When the lawyer asks you questions, don"t fall inlớn a trap.

fall inkhổng lồ line

go & stvà properly in a row (like soldiers) The students were forced khổng lồ fall inlớn line as they waited for the doors khổng lồ open.

fall into my lap

find without looking, receive sầu without asking Reg got another job offer today. Things seem khổng lồ fall inlớn his lap.

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fall inlớn one"s trap

Idiom(s): fall inlớn a trap AND fall inlớn the trap; fall inkhổng lồ someone"s trap
Theme: DECEPTIONto lớn become caught in someone"s scheme; to lớn be deceived into lớn doing or thinking something.• We fell into lớn a trap by asking for an explanation.• I fell into lớn his trap when I agreed to drive hyên ổn trang chính.• We fell into lớn the trap of thinking he was honest.

fall inlớn place

Idiom(s): fall in(to) place
Theme: ORGANIZATION lớn fit together; khổng lồ become organized.• After we heard the whole story, things began to fall in place.• When you get older, the different parts of your life begin lớn fall inlớn place.

fall inlớn the habit of|fall|habit|into the habit

v. phr. To develop the custom of doing something. Jack has fallen into lớn the bad habit of playing poker for large sums of money every night.

fall into lớn the trap

Idiom(s): fall inlớn a trap AND fall inkhổng lồ the trap; fall inkhổng lồ someone"s trap
Theme: DECEPTIONkhổng lồ become caught in someone"s scheme; lớn be deceived inkhổng lồ doing or thinking something.• We fell into a trap by asking for an explanation.• I fell into his trap when I agreed lớn drive sầu him trang chính.• We fell into lớn the trap of thinking he was honest.