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lớn be more precise, he runs away from the law by defiantly refusing to win the race as the favourite competitor.
Evidently, those who could count themselves amongst the king"s favourites stood the best chance of receiving an apartment in one of his palaces.
He prefers " convergence " & finds that its degree depends largely on two of his favourite factors.
One of his favourite methods was that of disregarding the right of extraterritoriality enjoyed by the "protected" merchants.
In practice, his authority was often limited & probably did not extend beyond control over the kabaka"s favourite vessels.
As children leaf through the book, which is full of pictures và colours, the images encourage them to lớn speak about their favourite songs.
It would then be interesting khổng lồ have a chat-room on another site which discussed và voted for favourites.
This approach permits the user khổng lồ retain their investment in their favourite spreadsheet, but asks them khổng lồ learn additional rules & techniques.
Second, it is found that many (twenty-eight out of sixty-eight) workers had waltzes as their favourite type of music.
But if reviewers complained about the opera"s hybridity, they nonetheless cited these episodes of celebration as favourites.
His conciliatory blend of piety & erudition as well as his medical expertise made him an imperial favourite.
It must be added that young listeners are not always concerned as lớn which genres their favourite music belongs.
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a magazine or book that contains a mix of stories told in pictures with a small amount of writing

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