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All solutions, glassware, the recording chamber, và the patch-pipette holder were autoclaved before use.
The evidence from these workshops shows that the craftsmen were producing prestige valuables: enamels, glassware, ivories, bonework và elaborate metalwork.
The variety of goods handled was also impressive: cotton goods, ceramics, glassware, enamelware, and umbrellas, as well as matches.
It prohibited the supply, except under licence, of domestic glassware decorated by cutting, engraving and etching.
Why should apparel, footwear, drugs, glassware, imitation jewellery, wine and spirits have priority over food?
In one of the worst hit areas, for example, there were firms making telephones, cranes, and switch-gear, oven glassware & other articles.
They are: glassware of all kinds, gas mantles, hosiery, electrical fittings, cutlery, agricultural machines, machine tools, và so on.
A number of complaints have sầu been received about cups and other articles made from toughened glassware which have sầu disintegrated spontaneously.
The goods provided were: furniture, canteen equipment, glassware, crockery, cutlery, fire fighting equipment, carpets, venetian blinds và grass cutting equipment.
I have sầu no evidence that skilled glassblowers are leaving the scientific glassware industry to lớn any extent.
There are no restrictions on their manufacture & our lighting glassware industry has capathành phố to spare for making them.
For many years our ceramic, glassware và distillery companies have been doing this, but there is an enormous potential for others.

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khổng lồ give something, especially money, in order to provide or achieve sầu something together with other people

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