Glue Là Gì

a sticky substance that is used for joining things together permanently, produced from animal bones & skins or by a chemical process

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to lớn join something to something else with a sticky substance that makes the two things stay together when it dries:
Each presentation of a surface can be reduced lớn a singleton by inverse & gluing operations since a surface is connected.
In this paper, we consider the space 2 of the planar homeomorphisms that are obtained by gluing two translations together, endowed with the compact-open topology.
Birds và rodent dishes were glued to the top of long plastic cylinders and set 2-3 cm above sầu the ground surface.
When sherds were glued together to form complete or par tial vessel, they were counted as a single sherd in the sherd counts.
We describe a single step called a prefix gluing which may need lớn be repeated several times in the process of removing a prefix problem.
A bordism is seen as a morphism between the incoming & outgoing boundaries, & bordisms are composed by glueing matching inputs lớn outputs.
Under this viewpoint, a monomial map is the result of gluing together n + 1 compatible toral endomorphisms in a particular way.
After projection onto lớn the sphere, 12 copies of the fundamental piece of the figure-eight are glued together smoothly khổng lồ khung the full orbit.

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