This blog is dedicated lớn V-Pop b& 365 Band/90namdangbothanhhoa.vn (since there isn"t any I could find on 90namdangbothanhhoa.vn, might as well start one myself:P). They are probably the best V-pop band in Viet-Nam right now ^.^Isaac ~ Jun ~ Will ~ S.TFanclub: Stellaris/StellarFanclub colour: Silver(None of the things I post here belong to lớn me, all goes lớn the rightful owner, most are from VAA, unless otherwise stated.)Now accepting 365 GIF requests ^.^Want to talk about 365? I"ll be glad! Feel free to lớn message me :)

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Isaac – The LeaderReal name: Phạm Lưu Tuấn TàiBirth Date: June 13th, 1988Height: 172cmWeight: 61kgSkills: Singing, khiêu vũ, playing piano, EnglishHobbies: Reading, jogging, listening to music, playing pianoVoice: TenorMusical style: Pop, Dance, RnB, Alternative Rochồng.


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Jun – Shining Guy, “Main Chef”Real name: Phạm Duy ThuậnBirth Date: July 24th, 1989Height: 174cmWeight: 61kgSkills: Singing, writing, JapaneseHobbies: Origami, Japanese culture researchVoice: BaritoneMusical style: Pop, Ballad, R&B


Will – “Wild”Real name: Nguyễn Anh TuấnBirth Date: November 27th, 1989Height:172cmWeight: 64kgSkills: Singing, khiêu vũ, mixing và recording musicHobbies: Going to the movies, hanging out with friends, boxingVoice: BaritoneMusical style: Hip-hop, R&B


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S.T. – Út (youngest of the family), “Little Kiddo”Real name:Nguyễn Cao Sơn ThạchBirth Date: December 10th, 1990Height: 174cmWeight: 60kgSkills: Singing, nhảy, acting, dance, sportHobbies: Composing music, making choreography, swimming, watching TV, listening lớn musicVoice: BaritoneMusical style: Pop, R&B, Classic


Former Member (Now a solo artist)

Tronie – Charming Rapper, Dancing PrinceReal name: Ngô Trọng ThànhBirth Date: June 2nd, 1989Height: 170cmWeight: 55kgSkills: Dancing, choreography, rapping, beatboxingHobbies: Playing sports, listening to musicVoice: BaritoneMusical style: R&B, Hip-hop