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Unlike urban formations before the eighteenth century, these new towns absorbed nomadic và religious elements into their residential và secular spaces.
A rather remarkable deficiency of the new land legislation is the total neglect of pastoral và nomadic rights.
However, the nomadic pastoral zones & their people could never be completely "tamed" or made gentlemen soldiers until the 1850s.
Wandering in a faux pastoral, the nomadic dervish has no town, no ethnicity, và no specific territory.
Since the late 19th century, modern nation-states have sought khổng lồ fix pastoral nomadic societies through various policies of settlement và sedentarization.
This is surprising since these dry lands were of the utmost importance for nomadic livestock keeping, & therefore formed an important economic resource.
The antipathy to them has been called sedentarism, which is defined as a specific size of racism against nomadic modes of existence.
His experiences in guiding the first geologists around his desert domain name gave him a thorough knowledge of the nomadic people he ruled.
Only three decades earlier, the lives of the indigenous people (primarily nomadic tribes và pearl divers) changed dramatically.
Vascular species were recorded over the whole site và totalled 120 epiphytes, 21 climbers, 3 hemiepiphytes, 5 nomadic vines and 6 mistletoes.
They are a somewhat nomadic tribe and are found all over the colony, but mostly in the upper reaches of the river.
The diversity is staggering: types of vegetation và associated management practices which range from commercial ranches to lớn traditional transhumance & nomadic systems.
The hall was covered with a pyramidal roof resembling a tent + an appropriate architecture for a nomadic-warrior culture.

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a large number of people walking or in vehicles, all going in the same direction, usually as part of a public celebration of something

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