Oppression Là Gì

a situation in which people are governed in an unfair & cruel way and prevented from having opportunities và freedom:

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The enemy"s oppressions, his depredations, his cruelties and his crimes have been done on other soil than ours.
There—in the camps of capitalism—national enmity and inequality, colonial slavery và chauvinism, national oppressions and pograms, imperialistic brutalities & wars.
If a law to secure collective title were passed & widely applied, she contended, it would constitute an act of oppression.
He has known so much oppression that he either accepts the status quo without question or else he breaks forth in revolutionary activities.
Focusing on social conflict with men rather than intrapsychic contradictions in women, they khuyến mãi with social oppression, as it were, rather than psychic repression.
They would be more sensitive to lớn the vagaries of oppression in the work regime and social discipline of their holdings, & could calibrate appropriate responses.
Of late, however, the biopolitical project has turned " pernicious " & has become a tool of oppression.
At any rate, they established neither a threshold of oppression nor a procedure to oust a derelict leader.
Coherence is lost by calling upon the coercive nguồn of the state to lớn protect against verbal oppression, thereby subordinating & marginalizing some members of society.
Why should the theoretical confusion of "being free" with "feeling free" carry with it the possibility of justifying oppression?
Political factionalism và the oppression of the poor by moneyleaders, for example, absorbed at least as much of his attention.
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Các từ hay được sử dụng cùng với oppression.

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This was to chiến bại its historical character as an instrument of class oppression isolated from the people.
Given the often terrifyingly eventful lives that our participants had led, the daily routines of education and employment could seem at best unexciting & at worst another khung of oppression.

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The colonial army was an instrument of oppression, but it also kept peace và seemed to lớn have its place in the new order of things.
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