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The Referrer-Policy HTTPhường header controls how much referrer information (sent via the Referer header) should be included with requests. Aside from the HTTPhường header, you can set this policy in HTML.

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Header type Forbidden header name
Response header

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Referrer-Policy: no-referrerReferrer-Policy: no-referrer-when-downgradeReferrer-Policy: originReferrer-Policy: origin-when-cross-originReferrer-Policy: same-originReferrer-Policy: strict-originReferrer-Policy: strict-origin-when-cross-originReferrer-Policy: unsafe-url chú ý The original header name Referer is a misspelling of the word "referrer". The Referrer-Policy header does not tóm tắt this misspelling.

no-referrer The Referer header will be omitted entirely. No referrer information is sent along with requests. no-referrer-when-downgrade Skết thúc the origin, path, & querystring in Referer when the protocol security level stays the same or improves (HTTP→HTTPhường, HTTP→HTTPS, HTTPS→HTTPS). Don"t skết thúc the Referer header for requests lớn less secure destinations (HTTPS→HTTPhường, HTTPS→file). origin Send the origin (only) in the Referer header. For example, a document at will sover the referrer origin-when-cross-origin Send the origin, path, and query string when performing a same-origin request khổng lồ the same protocol cấp độ. Send origin (only) for cross origin requests & requests to lớn less secure destinations. same-origin Send the origin, path, & query string for same-origin requests.

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Don"t sover the Referer header for cross-origin requests. strict-origin Sover the origin (only) when the protocol security level stays the same (HTTPS→HTTPS). Don"t skết thúc the Referer header lớn less secure destinations (HTTPS→HTTP). strict-origin-when-cross-origin (default) Send the origin, path, and querystring when performing a same-origin request. For cross-origin requests sover the origin (only) when the protocol security level stays same (HTTPS→HTTPS). Don"t sover the Referer header lớn less secure destinations (HTTPS→HTTP). chú ý

This is the default policy if no policy is specified, or if the provided value is invalid (see spec revision November 2020). Previously the default was no-referrer-when-downgrade.

unsafe-url Sover the origin, path, và query string when performing any request, regardless of security. Warning

This policy will leak potentially-private information from HTTPS resource URLs lớn insecure origins. Carefully consider the impact of this web3_setting.

You can also mix referrer policies inside HTML. For example, you can set the referrer policy for the entire document with a element with a name of referrer:

meta name="referrer" content="origin">Or phối it for individual requests with the referrerpolicy attribute on , , , ,