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We were encouraged lớn close our eyes & concentrate on images for the letters as our calm và soothing trainer described them lớn us.
Likewise, the soothing touch enhanced relaxation, further assisting him in redeveloping awareness of and communication with those around hyên.
To the extent that this results in more care và that caregiver liên hệ or soothing positively modulates the behavioral state, it may be viewed as honest signaling of need.
In both cases the infants were soothed & attentive sầu lớn the music, suggesting that they were familiar with it and had therefore been listening whilst in the womb.
Whereas when infants focus intently on a novel sự kiện, và are either unable or disinclined to look away, sharing that focus, while soothing, may be more appropriate.
The detective work of servants, on the other h&, soothes their employer"s anxieties about a superior disciplinary power that might in fact order and control middle-class subjectivity.
He successfully presented reduction of light dues as a means of soothing shipowners" resentment of the relaxation of the navigation laws in the 1820s & furthering retrenchment.
Strange that a manufacture which charms infancy and soothes old age should so frequently occasion political disaster.
Wine is a food, a tonic; it soothes the nerves, aids digestion, is anti-allergenic và can act as an effective sầu preventive against vascular diseases, cancer và dementia.
In their first scenes together, he was shaky and missing his lines, và she soothed and coached hyên ổn.
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lớn accept that you will reduce your demands or change your opinion in order lớn reach an agreement with someone

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