Tens of thousands là gì


What Does “Tens of Thousands” Mean?

You’ve probably read the phrase tens of thousands many times, but what does tens of thousands actually mean?

We’re here for you, & we’ll get straight khổng lồ the answer before looking at some details and quotes.

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Tens of thousands technically means at least 20,000 và fewer than 200,000.

Why is the upper limit 200,000 instead of 100,000? Well, any number under 200,000 is not hundreds of thousands.

Once you get lớn 200,000 và higher, the appropriate term would be hundreds of thousands, whereas 100,000 khổng lồ 200,000 is more of a no man’s land.

From 100,000 to 200,000, you could say something like:

Over a hundred thousandOver a hundred and fifty thousandAlmost two hundred thousand

Or of course, you could just say the actual number. So why do people even say tens of thousands in the first place? Why don’t people just say the actual number?

Don’t worry, we’ll get there. We take pride in making this article the most comprehensive discussion on tens of thousands that the internet has ever seen.

What Does “Tens of Thousands” Usually Mean?

While tens of thousands technically means a number between 20,000 and 200,000, it usually falls in a much narrower range.

At 20,000, people are much more likely to lớn say “about twenty thousand” or the actual number. Tens of thousands also has a connotation of a massive number, so there will usually be at least three tens (30,000).

At the upper over of the range, writers generally will use a different phrase once numbers go over 100,000.

In practice then, tens of thousands most commonly refers to lớn numbers between 30,000 và 99,999.

Of course, the writer may not actually know the total they’re referring to và may only have an estimate of the total number of somethings.

That brings us to our next question, why say tens of thousands in the first place? We’ve got numbers. What’s wrong with using them?

Why Say “Tens of Thousands” Instead of a Number?

There are three main reasons people use tens of thousands in their writing.

1. Writers Don’t Know the Exact Number

Sometimes, all writers have is an estimate. Perhaps there seem to be at least 20,000 fish living near a certain coral reef.

Saying there are tens of thousands of fish sounds professional, & de-emphasizes the fact that the writer doesn’t know how many fish there are.

2. Writers Want to Convey a Sense of Epicness

The fish example above is also an example of how writers use tens of thousands to convey emotion và a sense of epicness.

In the case of the coral reef fish, this makes the statement seem grand, wonderful, và straight out of a fairytale.

The phrase also makes it sound lượt thích there’s a ton of fish. Numbers can lack context or emotion. Twenty thousand isn’t always an impressive number, but tens of thousands almost always sounds epic and impressive.

3. Writers Want to Sound Artistic

“Tens of thousands” can artfully describe a horde of orcs, or a horde of rubber duckies.

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Especially outside of technical writing, most writers want to sound artistic. Plain numbers can come across as hard, cold, & emotionless.

And yet numbers are important when it comes to lớn conveying information. If writers want to convey information while keeping a warm, emotional, or artistic vibe, they can use a phrase lượt thích tens of thousands.

Phrases lượt thích these don’t seem so out of place in works of fiction, especially.

Let’s ảo diệu an example of how this was used in The Two Towers movie in the Lord of the Rings franchise.

Speaking lớn the evil wizard Saruman, Grima Wormtongue says “Even if it is breached, it would take a number beyond reckoning, thousands, to lớn storm the keep.”

“Tens of thousands,” replies Saruman.

In this example, imagine if Saruman had instead said. “Actually Grima, lớn storm the keep we will need 24,372 orcs và 4 cave trolls.”

Are you picking up what we’re laying down? In this example, using numbers would completely nullify the epic mood.

Instead, Saruman’s response builds up perfectly as he throws open the doors & shocks Grima with his army of orcs.

Quotes That Use “Tens of Thousands”

To địa chỉ cửa hàng to the fun, we’re going lớn look at some quotes that include the phrase tens of thousands, and see how these people used it khổng lồ communicate effectively và emotionally.

We’ll start with Edwin Moses talking about cheating in sports:

I stand with all the athletes who believe in doing things right. The ones who win & the ones who thua thảm while knowing they have been cheated out of their positions. There are thousands if not tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of those kinds of athletes out there.

Edwin Moses

Notice how he escalates from “thousands” to “tens of thousands” lớn “hundreds of thousands”. It’s an epic quote about fairness and integrity, và it would just sound weird if he used numbers.

Now we’ll move on to lớn a quote about the business world, but still one that conveys emotion.

New York has really thrived both upstate & downstate when there are tens of thousands of small businesses all representing their different creative impulses.

Zephyr Teachout

Here we see again an emphasis on the huge number, & how cool it is that all these businesses are being creative and making new york a great place.

How about one from the famous sportscaster Joe Buck?

I have to live with what I say, or don’t say, tens of thousands of times a game.

Joe Buck

Wow, what an interesting quote. This man spends most of his career on live television, saying (or not saying) smart things, interesting things, obvious things, & (sometimes) stupid things.

We all stick a foot in our mouth from time lớn time, & Joe Buck’s quote captures the enormity of the pressure of television by using tens of thousands.

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