We lượt thích to lớn take care of our own (= take care of people who are members of our family, or who work for us).

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The police testified that the woman left of her own accord (= she chose lớn bởi vì it without being forced).
His approach lớn psychopathology was sceptical & philosophical; & he never created his own school of psychiatric, let alone psychopathological, teaching.
Here was a version of philosophical commerce closer to our own definition of the word "commerce," yet one intimately related to practice.
On the other hand, each size has its own chất lượng onphối & rime, which means that no khung benefits from phonetic consistency.
Instead, the person seeking self-insight must employ a priori causal theories to lớn trương mục for his or her own psychological operations.
Moreover, human individuals & institutions "invest," metaphorically, or even literally, in other individuals or institutions to enhance their own returns.
The degree is delivered by the institution in which the student is registered, following its own regulations.
It presents arguments for the relevance of the child"s own production for the building of linguistic representations.
Some reported a change in their own behavior toward their spouses, such as being more considerate and less argumentative sầu.
According to this definition - ideology-as-shorthvà - it should have sầu been no more difficult lớn assess a party"s positions than khổng lồ formulate one"s own ideology.
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The icing/frosting on the cake: differences between British và American idioms



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