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You can find there are a large number of executable files such as dwm.exe on your computer, & this post will give you a brief introduction lớn the WUDFHost.exe file. If you want to lớn know what other executable files are used for, then Solution will tell you the answer.

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What Is WUDFHost.exe?

To begin with, what is WUDFHost.exe và what is it used for? WUDFHost.exe is related to the Windows User-Mode Driver Framework Host.

The WUDFHost.exe is very critical for the Windows system to communicate with hardware devices & is designed lớn automatically load drivers. You can find the WUDFHost.exe file in the C:WindowsSystem32 folder on your computer.


As a set of tools & libraries, the Windows User-Mode Driver Framework Host helps write Windows drivers and pushes them into user mode. It is very essential to the overall stability of the system.

In addition, it manages user-mode driver host processes và supports the creation of drivers that support protocol-based services or serial bus-based devices such as cameras & portable music players. Therefore, when you connect your camera using the USB port, it is normal to see WUDFHost.exe running on the background.

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You can press the Esc + Shift + Ctrl keys at the same time to mở cửa Task Manager. Then under the Processes tab, you can find Windows Driver Foundation – User-mode Framework Host Process is on the list.

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Does WUDFHost.exe Consume Much CPU?

Normally, the WUDFHost.exe file doesn’t consume much CPU. Only when you connect an external device lớn your computer, then the Windows User-mode driver Framework Host might use mush CPU resources for a few seconds to 1 minute, but later on, it will cool-down.

But if you don’t want to use the process right now, then you can disable the Windows Driver Foundation – User-mode Driver Framework Host process. Here is the tutorial:

Open Task Manager, and then right-click Windows Driver Foundation – User-mode Driver Framework Host khổng lồ choose End task.

And you should know that if there are a number of processes running on your operating system, then your computer’s performance will be affected. So if you want to improve your computer’s performance, then you should read this post - Useful Tips On How to Improve Windows 10 Performance.

Is WUDFHost.exe Safe?

In fact, the WUDFHost.exe tệp tin is considered safe. It is a true Microsoft Windows system process, know as Windows Driver Foundation, which usually doesn’t pose any threat to lớn your computer.

However, if you find that the tệp tin is not located in the C:WindowsSystem32 folder, then it could be a Trojan. This is because some writers of malware programs name their processes the same tệp tin name to lớn escape antivirus software’s detection.

Then how to kiểm tra if the WUDFHost.exe file is located in the System32 folder? Just find the Windows Driver Foundation process in the Task Manager, then right-click it khổng lồ choose Open file location.

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And there are some Trojans with the same file name that have been detected: TROJ_COINMINE.CYE (detected by TrendMicro), & Trojan.Win64.BitMin.aomnot-a-virus:RiskTool.Win32.BitCoinMiner.hzkc (detected by Kaspersky).

So if you suspect there is any virut or malware on your computer, then you should run a virut scan using Windows Defender or other antivirus tools. Here is a quick guide run a virus scan using Windows Defender: