PublishersKonami Digital Entertainment
DevelopersKonami Computer Entertainment Japan
Release date2004
Game rating

Bạn đang xem: Yu

Game Description

Yu-Gi-Oh! power nguồn of Chaos: Joey the Passion, a really nice strategy trò chơi sold in 2004 for Windows, is available & ready khổng lồ be played again! Time to play an anime / manga, cards, licensed title và trading / collectible card đoạn clip game title.

Download Yu-Gi-Oh! nguồn of Chaos: Joey the Passion

We might have the trò chơi available for more than one platform. Yu-Gi-Oh! nguồn of Chaos: Joey the Passion is currently available on these platforms:

Windows (2004)

Yu_Gi_Oh_Power_of_Chaos_Joey_the_Passion_Win_ISO_EN.7z (363.4MB)

How khổng lồ play on Windows

Download và Extract Yu_Gi_Oh_Power_of_Chaos_Joey_the_Passion_Win_ISO_EN.7zFind the file “OGD.Power.of.Chaos.Joey.the.Passion.iso” in the “Game Files” folder and mount it. If you’re not sure how to vày this, please check our wiki page.Double click on “setup.exe” and install the gameGo into the “Crack” folder, & copy & paste “yugo_pc.exe” from the crack folder and into the trò chơi installation directoryPlay the game

Additional files, patches and fixes

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